My name is Jeff Bowling and I own DJ Sound Excellence. I have been a disc jockey since 1990. I grew up listening and enjoying all types of music. I figured why not start my own disc jockey company. I loved music and entertaining for people as well. So in 1990 I became a mobile disc jockey. I never thought I would still be enjoying my job this many years later.

   I am lucky. Most disc jockeys only play music on the weekend. I get to play music 5-6 nights a week during the warm months. BB Riverboats has been my place of employment since 1994. I entertain for dinner cruises, company charters, school groups, college frats and sororities, as well as weddings. Performing on the boats is not an easy job. As a successful DJ I must play music for ages 5-90. A good DJ plays for the whole crowd and not just a couple people.

   During my time as a DJ, I have entertained at a variety of bars. Bars are fun to play at because people drink and they want to dance. I have performed at The Backdoor Saloon, Rick's Tavern, The Black Sheep, The Wooden Horse, Murray's Pub, and The Holy Grail. I did karaoke at The Holy Grail for a number of years. Besides my bar experience I sub contract my services with other local DJ companies. I have worked for and currently work for some of the big DJ companies in Cincinnati. I also try to participate in 2-3 bridal shows a year. I am currently one of the club favorite disc jockeys at Hyde Park Country Club. I have doing pool parties there since early 2000.

   Enough about my brief history. Let me tell you what DJ Sound Excellence can do for you. I supply you with the latest "state of the art equipment". My sound system is designed with your ear in mind. The volume level is kept at a decent level so guests can talk. Once dancing starts, then I crank things up. My music collection consists of the newest hits as well as all the party favorites. If I don't have a song I  should be able to download it on my phone. All my music is clean. I take no breaks unless you want me to. I entertain from when the show starts until when the show ends. I  am always set up and ready to go at least an hour before your guests arrive. My attire consists of either a suit or tux. My personality can meet any party situation. I am not cheesy but I like to have fun with your guests. If you need me to teach line dancing I  am more than happy to show my dance skills. I am a master of ceremonies as well as a disc jockey. All the announcements will be made on a timely basis so that the party goes smoothly. My job is to play music and run the party so that you can relax and enjoy the special day.

     There are hundreds of so-called DJ companies or individuals on the market. Everyone has a best friend or brother who has an I-pod filled with music. Everyone is trying to save money in this economy but please do your research when it comes to hiring a DJ. A DJ on Craigslist or other cheap wedding websites can make your party a disaster. I have heard hundreds of bad stories because people want to go cheap on the music. Prices vary from $100-$1000 for a DJ. You don't need to pay $1000. Please don't pay $100. DJ Sound Excellence is in the middle when it comes to price but at the top when it comes to service and performance. I have performed at over 600 weddings and performed at over 2000 events. Let DJ Sound Excellence leave lasting memories with your friends and family. I look forward to working with you.


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